True Custom Service

Depending on the roof’s condition & the warranty status, we will work with you to develop a Roofing Solution to complement your Investment Strategy.



Roof Solutions

  • ONE-CLICK access to all data & documentation we collect that includes a complete Detailed Facility Roof Condition Report. YOU have the power. YOU see what is there. YOU know what it needs. YOU know when it needs it & YOU KNOW what the projected cost will be over the next 5 years. Now YOU are in CONTROL.

  • Real-time data allows you to view the consistently updated progression of ALL services provided. MONITOR our TECHNICIANS: when they get there, before/during/after photos while your project is in progress & when they leave. With this transparency, we eliminate the doubt and question of “what did I just pay for?"

  • Before dispatching our technician, you and your onsite support will receive a “dispatch in route” email with photos of our professional, background-checked employees.

  • This Data & Documentation IS your Roof’s version of “carfax”, your “blue book”... the maximized ROI on your properties' largest assets. If the need to file an insurance claim arises, proof of documentation eliminates any question of neglect, especially with an older roof.  

  • Our knowledge and expertise become YOURS at the CLICK OF A BUTTON.



long term maintenance contracts.



all-inclusive membership at no cost. 

After we provided with a complete and detailed roof asset report including an estimated 5 year budget with recommendations you decide the corrective actions you want to take. To move forward a simple, custom, “Do Not Exceed” T&M agreement will be designed to meet your needs. 


Our "One-Click" portal & 1-year lock-in price are included with every membership.

Pre-acquisition reports.


Whether you are the buyer or seller of a property or the representing party of either, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Our detailed reports have saved our clients' tens to hundreds of thousands per transaction by providing an outline of the properties’ current roof conditions and the estimated 5-year cost. When possible, we use our relationships with every major manufacturer to verify warranty status. We also do our best to verify if an insurance claim has been filed on the property, and if so, was the work done per the previous scope, and will you or your client be able to insure this investment.



Whether it’s YOUR pocket, YOUR client's or an insurance company, our pricing will not fluctuate. We know our business and we know our pricing. Since our start, over 20 years ago, we have been “Insurance Funded Construction” (IFC). Leveraging that wisdom we can confidently provide a hard bid right at the beginning of every project, claim or not, and stick to it. This approach will ensure that we are not using your claim as a lotto ticket. It’s YOUR reputation. YOUR responsibility. YOUR budget. It is time for a no-nonsense solution.

Simplified to perfection.


Be involved as little or as much as you would prefer. With our emergency leak reporting login we become the middleman. We can simply field the calls for you or set up a fully automated service solution from start to finish.


1 yr of Roof Maintenance with your transactions.


As a Service to our "Select Commercial Real Estate Partners", we will provide YOUR clients with 1 full year of scheduled maintenance that would meet any standard manufacturer maintenance requirements. These documents will only be accessible through YOUR PORTAL on our Website ….

*(Ask your IFC Rep about the benefits of becoming a Select Partner).






This is your 

IFC Guarantee.